Shagdarjav Chimeddorj (b.1954)

Shagdarjav Chimeddorj grew up in a family of cattle breeders, and learned to ride a horse at the age of five. The horse eventually became his major subject for articulating the wonders and traumas of a nomadic culture entering the modern age. On his canvases deep blue colour is prominent as it evokes the depth of space on the Steppe of Mongolia. His ink paintings are also widely appreciated by domestic and international connoisseurs for their sophisticated brushwork and expressive range. Moran Museum of Art in Korea has a collection of over a hundred ink paintings, while two major canvases are in the permanent collection of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan. In 2006, Chimeddorj received the Mongolian State Honored Prize from the President of Mongolia in recognition of his contribution to Mongolian art.

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