TANG Zhigang
Tang Zhigang (B.1959) Tang Zhigang is a celebrated oil painter, a professor at Yunnan Arts University and President of the Yunnan Oil Painters Association.
1959 Born in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
1976 Graduated from secondary school and enlisted in the army
1989 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department, Art Institute of The People’s Liberation Army
1996-present Professor at Yunnan Arts University
Currently lives and works in Yunnan province, China
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 Never Grow Up -- Tang Zhigang 1977-2007, gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
2007 Never Grow Up -- Tang Zhigang 1977-2007, doART CHINA-gallery, Hyundai company, Beijing, China
2005 China Festival: Chinese Fairy Tale, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chinese Fairy Tale, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
Chinese Fairy Tale: Tang Zhigang Solo Exhibition, TCG Nordica, Kunming, China
2004 Meeting in Painting, Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris, France
2002 Half of a Soldier’s Life, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
2000 Children in Meeting, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
1994 The Life of Soldiers, Yunnan Arts University, Kunming, China
Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Slices of Thought: Invitational Exhibition of Yunnan Artists’ Manuscripts, 108 Loft Complex, Kunming, China
Kunstaustausch Zwischen Deutschland und China: Zwei Zustände der Kunst, Yuan Xiaocen Arts Center, Kunming, China; Neues Schloss der Eremitage Bayreuth, Germany; Kunstmuseum Erlangen, Germany
2014 3 Edition 4 Face Exhibition: Chengdu Blue Roof Art Festival Exhibition, Four-Face Space Art Centre, Chengdu, China
Scenery on Paper: Exhibition of Works by Contemporary Artists, Yuan Xiaocen Arts Center, Kunming, China
Run with the Dream: Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Yuan Xiaocen Arts Center, Kunming, China
Above the Scenery, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming, China
Nothing of Him that Doth fade But Doth Suffer a Sea Change, Jingya Gallery, Kunming, China
2013 DAS Biennale 2013: Yunnan Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming, China
Fertile Southwest: My Soil & My People Oil Paintings Invitational Exhibition, Guangxi Art Museum, Nanning, China
Color Of The Heart, Hongqiao Gallery, Shanghai, China
New Sights In Chinese Contemporary Art, National Art Museum Of Romania, Bucharest, Romania
2012 Latitude/Attitude: Twenty Years of Schoeni Art Gallery, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Modern And Contemporary Oil Painting of Yunnan, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
2011 Surrealist POP, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing, China
2010 On Yunnan--A Branch of Contemporary Art Since the 1990s, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China
13th Beijing International Art Exposition, Beijing China World Trade Center, Beijing, China
RESHAPING HISTORY: Chinart from 2000 to 2009, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China; Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; Arario Gallery (Beijing), Beijing, China
2009 Freedom of Choice: New Chinese Art, Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, Louisiana, USA
2008 ShContemporary 2008, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai),Shanghai, China
Today's China--Contemporary Art from China, Belvue Museum, Brussels, Belgium
BEIJING-ATHENS: Contemporary Art from China, Technopolis of the City of Athens, Athens, Greece
New interface IV: Here Comes Spring, H&H space, Hongqiao Gallery, Shanghai, China
2007 3L4D - 3rd Life 4th Dimension, National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
Adidas: Sport in Art Exhibition, MOCA, Shanghai, China
ShContemporary 2007, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), Shanghai, China
New Interface 3: Searching the Future of Chinese Contemporary Art, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Thermocline of Art, ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, Germany
Departure from the South-West, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China
Word of Mouth: Guiyang Biennial, Guiyang, China
Chinese Contemporary, Social Art Exhibition, National Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
Overlook 2007, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China
From New Figurative to New Painting, Beijing Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
Yunnan Contemporary Art Invitational, Nanjing Square Gallery, Nanjing, China
Back to Guishan, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
2006 Made in China, Opera Gallery, London, U.K
Chinese Fairy Tale, 2006, Shanghai Hongqiao Gallery, Shanghai, China
Yunnan Creation: Seven Person Exhibition, Kunming, China
Beijing International Art Exposition, Beijing, China
Melbourne International Art Exposition, Melbourne, Australia
2005 Conspire: 1st Exhibition of T.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, T.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China
Warmness, Hongqiao Gallery, Shanghai, China
Celestial Affinity, Shenzhen, China
Amsterdam Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dream Producers: The Imaginary of Chinese Contemporary Art, Xin-Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2003 Five: Five Artists from Kunming, Örebro Art Gallery, Örebro ,Sweden
Guiyang Biennial, Guiyang, China
From China with Art, National Gallery of Jakarta, Indonesia
Collection of LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore
2002 The 17th World Cup, France
China Pop, Sydney, Australia
The First Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou, China
Paris-Pekin, Espace Cardin, Paris, France
2001 Basel international Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
Boys and Girls, Kunming, China; Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
VASL International Artists Workshop, Karachi, Pakistan
2000 Tales of Two Cities, Asia Contemporary Art, London, U.K.
Chinese Avant-garde Exhibition, De La Villette Museum, Paris, France
1999 Three Artists from Kunming, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
Chinese Avant-garde Exhibition, Saint-Benin Art Centre, Italy; Musee Granet, Provence, France
China 46, Art Sans Frontieres Gallery, Shanghai, China; Melbourne, Australia
Open in All Directions, Kunming Upriver Club, Kunming, China
Moment: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, University of Chicago Art Center, Chicago, USA
1997 Urban Personality, Kunming, China
1996 Life Style, Yunnan University Science Center, Kunming, China
1995 Current State (Organized by the Cultural Exchange Center of f Columbia University, United States), Kunming, China
1994 The 8th National Art Exhibition, Beijing, China
1993 The 2nd China Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China
1989 The 7th National Art Exhibition, Nanjing, China
1986 National Art Exhibition Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army, Beijing, China
Critical Essays