Dashi NAMDAKOV,Bukha-Noion

Dashi NAMDAKOV (b. 1967)
Bronze, Cast and Patinated
57 x 70 x 29 cm
Edition of 15 + 4AP


This work in the animalistic genre demonstrates Namdakov’s profound and original understanding of the natural world and his talent for portraying the beauty of animals. The titanic power and ineluctable strength emanate from this figure of a flying bull. The subject refers to Buryat mythology. Legend says that a giant grey bull lived on the eastern summits of the Sayan Mountains, at the southern tip of Lake Baikal. The marriage of Master Bull, Bukha-Noyon, to a human woman brought forth the first people who lived in that area. Shamanic rituals are still performed to pacify the primogenitor and totemic animal of one of the Buryat tribes and prevent it from hurting the people. According to an even older legend, the image of the bull is associated with fertility and the arrival of spring in a tradition reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian cult of the bull Apis. The mighty, sacred animal was believed to have the power to cleanse lakes, rivers, and seas of evil spirits. The flying bull of Namdakov gives the impression of titanic power.