18 February - 6 April 2023
Hanart TZ Gallery

Hanart TZ Gallery is pleased to present the experimental Guangzhou art collective BOLOHO, and their latest project BOLOHOPE (in collaboration with “Reading Room”), as featured in Documenta fifteen, and also introduce their new body of work.

BOLOHO will transform Hanart’s gallery space into a living room and Hong Kong-style cafe (cha chaan teng 茶餐廳), with an environment built from collectively produced paintings, texts, sewing, installation, and even a series of mini-sitcoms.

In its bright and cleverly managed chaos, BOLOHOPE reflects the cultural imagination of this generation of Guangzhou youth, which is interwoven with the memory of Hong Kong media and urban culture of the 2000s—the result of an early open policy between China and Hong Kong which privileged Guangdong before the opening of the rest of China.

BOLOHOPE's installation presentation at Documenta 15

BOLOHOPE’s installation presentation at Documenta 15


Opening Animation of Bolohope (2022)

Excerpt from the opening animation of the 4-episode sit-com BOLOHOPE (2022), featuring the character of each Boloho member

BUBU 劉嘉雯
CAT 黃婉珊
FONG Waiking 馮偉敬
HE Cong 賀聰
LI Xiaotian 李筱天
LI Zhiyong 李致恿
LIU Di 劉菂
XIE Siyan 謝思堰
ZHU Jianlin 朱建林