Everyday Haute Couture of Luis Chan, 1980s
2 September - 6 September 2021
Asia Standard Tower, G/F & 1/F

As the iconic Hong Kong artist and bon vivant Luis Chan once said ‘One must never serve friends ‘moon’-cakes!’ (in Cantonese the word for ‘boring’ is pronounced ‘moon’). In the spirit of Luis, Hanart TZ Gallery is pleased to present:

“Everyday Haute Couture of Luis Chan, 1980s” at UNSCHEDULED

Opening & Preview
Thursday, 2 September; 12pm – 9pm

Public Days
Friday 3 September – Monday 6 September; 12pm – 8pm

Asia Standard Tower, G/F & 1/F, 59-65 Queens Road Central

(Former Topshop, see location HERE)

In the world of Luis Chan, we enter a new realm where mundane life is purified by the power of artistic imagination. His wonderful sense of humour and playful spirit, his tolerance and open-mindedness, his fantastical creations and his irrepressible creativity have kept his paintings fresh and relevant for us today.

For those of us living in the hyper-commercial environment of contemporary Hong Kong, Luis Chan’s colourful paintings introduce an irresistible joy of life and continue to construct for us a mythical universe that ultimately serves as a metaphor of the everyday world. Luis found flavour and meaning in every aspect of the world around him, even in the most mundane popular amusements and most vapid commercial spaces.

For Luis, the interesting things in life and art were inseparable, and he moved fluidly between his creative life and his daily work. This is how Luis Chan plunged into the heart of life, and it is also where he found truth.

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