Hanart TZ Gallery:Curated Exhibition at Ink Asia 2016 – Leung Kui Ting and Liu Guosong Duo Solo Exhibition
16 December - 18 December 2016
Booth C2, C6, C8, Hall 3G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
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Hanart TZ Gallery is honoured to present new works by two contemporary ink masters Leung Kui Ting and Liu Guosong in Ink Asia 2016.

Leung Kui Ting’s paintings constitute his answer to challenges faced by traditional landscape art in an era when nature is violated by massive human intervention and pollution. Leung uses contemporary technological visuality as a tool to re-engineer certain landscape painting genes, without diminishing landscape’s fundamental qualities of spirit-resonance (qiyun) and integral grace (quwei). Leung’s recent works speak to the fact that the geographical perspective of landscape art has already been modified through the imposed perspective of the ubiquitous monitor screens of global positioning. He brings the geometrical lines of scientific survey and of monitor screens into his paintings, and incorporates the grid-line as the basis of his texture strokes (cunfa). Cunfa is the technical foundation of traditional landscape, the gene of its mountains and rockery. A renovation of cunfa is nothing short of a radical remake of Chinese landscape art.

Liu Guosong not only was a primary force in initiating reforms in traditional ink painting methodology, more significantly, he also broke down imaginary barriers, opening up Chinese landscape painting tone territories. In the modern age, the sanctity and mystery of nature’s lofty mountains and rivers was blown apart by the invention of the atomic bomb and tarnished by environmental pollution. In this light, Liu Guosong’s main artistic breakthrough lies not so much in his concept of revolutionizing ink painting, but rather in his discovery of new geographic territories for the ‘imaginary of landscape’. His art has taken the realm of landscape to outer space and to liminal sites including the snow peaks of Tibet and the physically inaccessible reflections of the Jiuzaigou lakes.

The transformation of calligraphy-painting brings in issues of lineage and development. Lineage demands the inheritance of tradition’s essential features to assure continuity, while development involves opening up to the world at large to establish international currency. This is possible only if the art proves itself a worthy vessel by reinventing itself, and is able to redefine the heritage. Leung Kui Ting and Liu Guosong are undoubtedly the leading pioneers of modern calligraphy-painting: they have been instrumental in defining the way we understand the modern potentials of calligraphy-painting, and they continue to be a driving force in the field today. Through the new works of the two masters, audience is allowed to look into the spirit of Chinese traditional landscape and the complete world that contemporary ink art elevated from modern life.

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