Hanart TZ Gallery at Abu Dhabi Art 2017 – MEMORY OF PLACE
8 November - 11 November 2017
Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Cultural District, Abu Dhabi
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Works by QIU Shihua, ZHENG Li, FENG Mengbo, and SHAGDARJAV Chimeddorj

Modern & Contemporary Sector: X3-03

Artists: QIU Shihua, ZHENG Li, FENG Mengbo, SHAGDARJAV Chimeddorj

Exhibition Period: 8 – 11 November 2017

Venue: Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Cultural District

Exhibition Description

This exhibition of paintings and objects depicting different insights into the world of nature, by a diverse of group contemporary artists across generations and media, illuminates important the enduring power of landscape as a source of creative inspiration.

For our booth at the Abu Dhabi Art fair, Hanart TZ Gallery has curated a special exhibition featuring the work of three powerful Chinese contemporary artists and one of Mongolia’s most outstanding contemporary artists. These include the pastoral landscapes of QIU Shihua, the meditative gardens of ZHENG Li, the digital landscape paintings using classical tempera base by FENG Mengbo, and the inspiring, wide vistas of SHAGDARJAV Chimeddorj. Each artist’s work in its own distinctive way illustrates how a heightened awareness of one’s own inner experience of the world may arise from the quiet appreciation of nature. For each artist, nature is both a realm of experience and a locus of memories of place.

Special Project

Hanart TZ Gallery is also pleased to announce that, at the invitation of the Department of Culture and Tourism, artist FENG Mengbo has collaborated on a special project with Khalifa University, a leading technology university in the United Arab Emirates, connecting students further with art and encouraging creative experiment in the integration of art and science. In a one-week workshop taking place in mid-October this year, Feng Mengbo guided the students in extensive research into sound and the use of the oscilloscope as a creative visual instrument. In the final project, minimalist electronic music was composed and fed into a hardware oscilloscope, generating beautiful abstract moving images on a live feed, projected through video. Laser technology has inspired Feng’s concept of presenting the sensation of meditation through an electronic art form, and as Feng stated, ‘the compositional structure of the soundscape was inspired by the great spirit of Arabian traditional music and calligraphy.’

The finished work will be displayed at the Abu Dhabi Art fair in November 2017.

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