Boloho presents: Surviving and Chilling 02
25 February - 25 February 2023
Hanart TZ Gallery
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In “Surviving and Chilling“, the second segment of BOLOHO’s new live-performance project, BOLOHO adopts a classic talk-show format to transform the exhibition into a studio for impromptu performances. Members of the BOLOHOPE project will take on various “roles” and appear at random times, creating improvised “productions” on the spot.

Black Window
, Hong Kong’s popular vegetarian restaurant, will be our special guest. Cooking, reading, printmaking, and collective creating—are some of the many similarities that bring us together. On this Saturday afternoon, BOLOHO, Reading Room, and Black Window will cook together and talk about survival strategies and the joys and challenges of collective collaboration.


Boloho’s Surviving and Chilling on 18 February 2023 at Hanart TZ Gallery. Image Courtesy of Ringo Tang.


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